Minecraft Jenny MOD APK (2022)


Minecraft Jenny MOD APK is the modified version of the original game featuring a beautiful girl Jenny in blue attire. She is programmed to be very responsive and act according to your desires.
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October 09, 2022
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There are so many Mods for Minecraft, but if you want to play something exciting and naughty, then you can download Jenny mod for Minecraft. This new MOD allows you to have a virtual girlfriend named Jenny, who obeys all your commands in the game.


Minecraft is a Sandbox game that is equally popular among kids and grownups. They play Minecraft for several hours to explore the pixilated world of Minecraft and do several things in the gameplay. Players can choose survival mode, fighting with hostile forces to survive. There is a creative mode in which players can build different things with the help of available resources inside an infinite virtual world. A wide variety of user-generated content like MODS (Modifications), Skins, and Maps makes this game more interesting. One of the most popular mods for Minecraft is the Jenny mod.

What is Minecraft Jenny?

If you are wondering what Minecraft Jenny is, here is the answer. Jenny is a female character in Minecraft. There is a new addition to the Minecraft mods called Minecraft Jenny mod. Right now, it is one of the best mods for Minecraft game lovers. First, you must find Jenny in the game; then, she is all yours. She will spawn randomly or mostly found inside a particular building. You must keep her alive to enjoy the hidden elements of love and intimacy in the game. The developer SlipperyTum programmed Jenny in such a way that she follows your commands and performs every task that you ask her to do. She will cook for you, gather resources, build stuff and even undress for you if you want her to do that. Adult features like undressing and making out for you are rarely found in sandbox games, but these are also one of the most demanded functions many players ask for.

Features of Minecraft Jenny MOD APK

The reason for the popularity of Minecraft Jenny MOD APK is its wide variety of exciting new features. These in-game features allow you to fulfill your virtual desires and fully engage yourself within the game for hours and hours. Some of the core features of Minecraft Jenny MOD APK are explained below:

Feelings of Love, Emotion, and Care

When you first download and install the Jenny MOD, the first thing you have to do is find Jenny. This element of searching for someone and finally finding her sparks a sense of love and joy within yourself. As you proceed with the game, you find Jenny very loyal to you. She does everything that pleases you. You feel emotionally attached and caring for her when she performs certain things for you, like cooking food and gathering building materials. You can go out and spend some time with each other. You protect her from attacks and try to keep her alive. You can also give her expensive gifts like gold and diamonds.

Feeling Naughty? Make out with Jenny!

Many games offer some adult features along with normal gameplay. However, the creators of Minecraft Jenny Mod APK have taken this concept of intimacy to a new level. Jenny is an artificially intelligent character; she senses your mood and tries to fulfill all your needs. She will undress for you and make love to you if you want. You both can build an intimate relationship with each other. This adult feature of the game makes this MOD so much fun and exciting.

Jenny’s Superpowers

Have you ever wanted a girlfriend who possesses some special powers? Well, Jenny has some unique abilities, making this game more fun and interesting. She is not like an ordinary NPC; she can heal quickly and gain strength back after an attack. The girl also possesses the ability to breathe underwater and teleport in special circumstances. Jenny possesses some more superpowers, but for that, she needs to take some lucky potion.

Multiplayer Mode

You can either play offline or online in multiplayer mode. Even if you play with other players online, Jenny will be there with you. You can join other players and help each other survive against evil forces.

The Battle for the Resources

Your ultimate goal in the game will be to search for and collect enough resources to keep Jenny alive. One important thing you can do is provide her shelter, food, and water. It improves Jenny’s quality of life and keeps her happy. While searching for resources, you must protect her from different threats.

Jenny and the Normal Gameplay

Apart from playing and interacting with a cute girl Jenny, the normal gameplay is the same as the original version of the game. It makes it more interesting for the fans of Minecraft pocket edition. You explore the pixilated world of Minecraft as you normally do, but what’s different here is when you play Minecraft Jenny mod, you have to set your world to “Creative,” and then you can find her in a house with a pointed roof. You can decorate her house or even put some furniture with the help of a Furniture add-on.   


Minecraft Jenny MOD APK is the modified version of the original game featuring a beautiful girl Jenny in blue attire. Once you find Jenny, you can interact with her, which is very easy and user-friendly. She is programmed to be very responsive and act according to your desires. She can perform some NSFW actions in response to your interaction with her. Your job is to keep her healthy and alive with the help of natural supplies available in the game.  



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